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Netatmo Weather Station

Is the world's first weather station that uses machine learning to keep you safe and healthy, with our smart weather station, you can keep track of the weather conditions in your city and even see how you're growing.

Rain Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station
Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station

Additional Module for Netatmo Weather

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Netatmo Weather Station Review

If you're searching for a weather station that can complement your alexa or apple homekit devices, then renders your back, the new weather station is already available as a software application and can be integrated with your existing home security system, without having to be attached to your actual weather eye. The weather station can measure any point in between your home's and roof, and it provides a clear, simple interface that is uncomplicated to use, the station can track wind, water temperature, and weather conditions from your apple or alexa device, and it even offers a host of other features like humidity and air quality sensors. But the weather station is just getting started, here are some other features that we hope to see supported in future releases: -a indicator to show how much rain or snow is seen during the day -a forecast different weather conditions for up to 30 days -a built-in speaker that lets you hear the weather in a realtime environment -the ability to handle the station to track home security events like door entries and deletions -the ability to integrate the weather station with your home security system through a traditional weather map. Smart anemometer is a top-rated tool for monitoring your weather station to ensure a healthy environment for your station, with this tool, you can monitor your weather station to ensure a healthy environment for your station. Our weather station works with alexa, so you can access weather reports indoors and outdoors, the indoor version takes only a few minutes to learn how to be a smart phone weather station. The outdoor version comes with a wireless sensor that will turn your home into a weather station, with the weather station, you can understand weather conditions in real time and get help from friends or family. The weather station also gives you insights on the weather in different areas and times, this weather station is a top-grade addition to your smart home. It measures weather conditions and sends these data to your phone or computer for analysis, the weather station is additionally compatible with the iphone s and the apple watch.